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Change baseURL in production


  • oxymus started the conversation

    Hi jyostna, i need support to change my baseURL in production files, all my paths sets to root domain, but i need set to a subfolder where my files really are, e.g. the url to my project is: http://domain/alagoas_contratos/#/, my images its inside in subfolder named 'alagoas_contratos' but the path points to root, the source in logo is: "/images/titulo.png?342743b13275ed69f7d70294e13e9f53" but should is: "/alagoas_contratos/images/titulo.png?342743b13275ed69f7d70294e13e9f53". Where i change the root path to resolve this? Thanks for supporting.

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    Jyostna replied


    In webpack.mix.js add this line


    It will set the webpack outputpath.

  • oxymus replied

    It works thanks =]