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  • reynerhl started the conversation

    Is there any way to include this jquery plugin in our awesome Clear Vue template?


    I've added other plugins easily using npm but this one, after added with npm seems to require more knowledge about webpack.

    Thanks in advance.

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    seenu replied


    looks like you already searched their issues and posted there

    https://github.com/vakata/jstree/issues/1717 this may help.

    anyways, we will try to do it ourselves and update you.


  • reynerhl replied

    You are right, I was trying by myself but it seems that my knowledge is not enough. Thanks for take a look on this. I know that you and your team have experience with jQuery + VueJS and will do your best for make your customers happy. jsTree is a good plugin that you can add to the project :D

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    seenu replied

    Sure, we will try today and update you.

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    Jyostna replied

    Hi, we have added the jstree plugin to clear. we have created a separate branch for it in the repo.



  • reynerhl replied

    I could not login here before because some fixes were applied to the ticksy.com platform. Thanks you so much for include jstree in the tool stack for the Clear template. As usual, your products has a great support. We can close this ticket now.