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how to run html version


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    alibarca started the conversation


    I've downloaded josh_html from git.lorvent, but I couldn't run it, when I open index.html it's opend without styling. 

    I also tried to do: 
    - yarn install
    - npm run dev

    And I get:

    npm ERR! missing script: dev


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    Jyostna replied


    Can you please paste the complete error.

    How you had downloaded from git.lorvent?

    When you had purchased, you can get folder named with  "HTML Version" for html version.

    If you are using josh_html ,to install please follow the steps as below.
    1.)If you are having yarn.lock file in your structure then run the command
    "yarn install"
    2.)If you are having bower.json  file,then run the command
    "bower install"
    3.)If you are having gulpfile.js file,then run the command

    Further any issues let me know.